Chateau Complex Ctěnice

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Chateau Complex Ctěnice

The romantic chateau complex Ctěnice is an ideal destination for clients who seek peace and nature, for lovers of interesting cultural and social events. But also for cyclists and families with children.

History of the chateau: originally on the site of the chateau stood a Gothic fortress, which was rebuilt in 1550 by Mikulas Harant of Harasov into a Renaissance chateau. In the 18th century, the chateau was rebuilt in a classicist form and this form has been preserved with minor modifications to this day. The last private owner of the castle was the Viennese wholesaler and businessman Alexander Schöller. Since 1945, the castle fell into disrepair and was therefore transferred to the ownership of the City of Prague in 1993. The grounds include a castle park, outbuildings and a riding hall.

Content Blocks

Museum of the City of Prague

The area of the Ctěnice Chateau is currently administered by the Museum of the City of Prague.

Among other things, you will find here a very interesting permanent exhibition "Crafts in order". It is a specific collection documenting the history and presentation of craft associations. The exposition presents the social phenomenon of professional association of craftsmen into groups of so-called orders. The term order, used in our country in the modern period, expressed the security that craftsmen had thanks to the strength of their association, and at the same time made it clear that everything was done in accordance with certain rules.

The second permanent and year-round exhibition is "The History of the Municipality of Vinoř / From Prehistory to the 20th Century" and "Ctěnice Castle / History, Building Development and Restoration". The exposition created in cooperation with the Prague - Vinoř Municipal District introduces visitors to the history of Vinoř. The exhibition depicts the changes of Vinoř over time, introduces major historical events, as well as important Vinoř citizens and natives. In thematic blocks, attention is paid, for example, to education, important clergymen, the Vinoř castle and the mayors of the village. Among the exhibits, the preserved fireman's walking suit or a 19th century pluvial on loan from the Vinoř Parish Office are worthy of attention.

The exposition reminds the long and complex history of the Ctěnica estate from the earliest times to the present day. It also tries to briefly present the overall restoration of the premises carried out between 1997 and 2004. Visitors can see, for example, unique exhibits of period beams, aerial photographs of Ctěnice, prints of 19th century maps and many interesting findings from the castle grounds.

An overview of other exhibitions and events in the grounds can be found here:

Riding school and riding Ctěnice

The Equestrian Society was founded in 1998 as a Cooperation Association between Ing. Neumann and the Prague Information Service. Its main task is to serve the public. Suitable for recreational rides around the area.

The school offers the following services:

- riding lessons

- training of horses and riders

- stabling of horses

- corporate events in the stable area

- workshops at the stables

Training is suitable for children aged 7 and over, there is no upper limit. There are 2 ponies and 3 school horses available. Riders can take the basic training test after completing the training (time depends only on the rider's fitness).

Ctěnice Chateau Park and Gardening

The park has an area of 2.33 hectares and adjoins the castle on the north and east sides. A stream runs through the park, dividing it almost in half lengthwise. The park was laid out in Baroque style in the second half of the 18th century. At the same time as the chateau, a garden was established on a pentagonal plan, and this layout lasted well into the 19th century, when, however, the interior was changed and the park acquired a landscape character. The park is now laid out on a longitudinal axis with a fruit avenue. The composition uses a flowing stream with small bridges and footbridges.

In the north-eastern part there is a newly built gazebo, behind it is the horticulture. To the south-east of the castle is a room carved out of the rock mass of the fortification ditch, with cross vaults inside and with ridges glazed into the central pillar. The fortification ditch is partly brick, partly stone, with pillar railings and a bridge, and there are valuable remains of a medieval fortress. There is a children's playground at the entrance to the park from the courtyard of the site. A massive stone wall encircles the entire park and chateau grounds with the farmyard.


The surroundings of the castle are ideal for cycling trips and excursions. One of the most beautiful cycling routes runs around the area.

Cycle path: Route Kbely - Ctěnice Castle - Vinoř

The slightly hilly terrain is suitable for beginners. Partly dirt roads and asphalt will not surprise you with anything. The cycle route leads mainly through the forest and takes you past the beautiful Ctěnice Castle. The route starts in Kbele at the intersection of Toužimská and Jilemnická streets. After about 200 metres, turn left towards Letňany. At the end of the housing estate you will cross the railway crossing and after a while you will reach the castle. Before the gate, turn left and go around the castle park through the cottage settlement. The end of the trip awaits at the intersection of Klenovská and Chvojenecká streets.


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